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Jun 01, 2015

sample entry 1

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Mar 22, 2015


The first time I heard about Mecha Uma, curiosity immediately hit and so many questions, like who, what, where, and how, kept circling through my mind that I couldn’t help but do my research. It appears that Chef Bruce Ricketts, owner of Sensei Sushi, manages the restaurant and his new baby is currently located in The Fort. Seems to me that the stars had aligned and I can finally taste his food since it is geographically reachable anytime compared to that of Sensei Sushi. Apparently, it is not at all similar to his first restaurant; he takes Mecha Uma on a whole new level by serving exquisite dishes on his ala carte menu while having a 10-course tasting menu.

If I am not mistaken, it opened sometime in October so it was very timely since both of my brothers’ birthday were in November. I suggested the place to my mom in which she agreed to celebrate it there but then some things came up that I had to give up my reservation.

Few months after, I decided to ask my friends to eat with me since we have been talking about it. I swear, calling for reservations in Mecha Uma is hell. It came to a point that I already knew when and when not to call, as I will be directed only to their voicemail. After countless trials, I was able to get a reservation; the given date was a month after the call. I couldn’t believe it! The first and second seating of every night was already fully booked! But the day has come when it was my friends and I’s turn to eat.

The place was surprisingly tiny and it is far from the brighter side of The Fort. People who reserved for the tasting menu sit on the bar while those who chose the ala carte menu sit on the regular tables and chairs. For the tasting menu, they only accommodate 10 persons per seating. I was surprise to see that we were complete since I reserved for 6 persons but then 2 of my friends couldn’t come all of a sudden that I had to give up those two seats. I made that cancellation a day before the actual reservation so I didn’t expect to see the bar full of people. This place must really be something!


Mar 19, 2015


UP and Ateneo may be relatively near to one another but because of the different class schedules and work load we have, I don’t see my Maroon girls anymore. Gladly, we were all free one Wednesday for lunch and so we decided to hit Maginhawa Street, which is relatively nearer to UP, since W had to eat-and-run because she had class.


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