The COOP acknowledges the needs of its members. With this, the COOP extends loans to its members intended for consumption, and others as their needs arise. Ranging from Multi Purpose Loans, (which are intended to purchase appliances, finance small businesses, pay for bills and other expenses) and Back to Back Loans. The member has a wide array of choices depending on the nature of their needs.

Types of Loans

Multi-Purpose Loan
To assist members in various financial obligations/needs as: Tuition Fees & School Expenses, Car repair, debt payment, Educational Plan, Appliance or Furniture, Computer Acquisition, Mobile phone Purchase and the like.

Fast Loan
To provide immediate assistance to members. For just 3 working hours of processing with a maximum loanable amount of P 10,000.00, payable in flexible terms of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

Back to Back Loan
To extend loans to depositors who are interested to utilize their deposit as security to their loan.

Emergency Loan
To provide financial assistance to members during situations such as: sickness, death and calamity affecting the member and his immediate family

Caravan / Bazaar
To provide members access to cheaper, quality goods and services, e.g. Appliances, Mobile Phones, Computer, Laptops and etc…

JFC Coop SM Credit Card
To provide members a Zero percent interest rates of SM Credit Card when they purchase to any participating outlet of SM


* Must have fully paid the required minimum JFC-Coop capital shares as per loan requirement
* Tenure of membership: must be six (6) months coop member
* Must be a member in good standing
* With Continuous Capital Build-up
* No record of delinquency on previous availed loans
* Member’s allowable deduction should not exceed 45% of his/her net take home pay

Terms of payment:

* P 99,999 below – maximum of 24 months
* P 100,000 above – maximum of 36 months


* Fully filled-up JFC-Coop Loan Application Form
* 15th and 30th Latest Paylip
* Photocopy of Latest Company (Front to Back)
* Other requirements needed depending on Loan Product.

Loan Forms:

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