easy drag and drop web site creator software

Why need a website...

Let’s face it – People are turning away from traditional means of finding information and looking online. If you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on opportunities for customers to know you.



For just Php800/mo... simply Sign up, select your Sections and Submit your information. Your website will be ready within 3-5 working days.

Package includes:
- 1 page Resposive Website with maximum of 5 Sections
- Monthly web hosting for the website
- 5 Email Account (100mb quota each)
- 1 FREE data update per month
- minimum 2 yrs Lock-Up

Features & Sections

Full Screen Banner

Choose whether a Single or Multiple image. Allows you to display image slides with title and short description linked to any menu item, article or url address.


Having an image gallery is a great way to showcase your content on your website. Showcase your pictures with mobile-optimized responsive grid. Integrated lightbox expands the thumbnails to the full-browser image slider


Testimonials are one of the most effective tools of marketing. Written recommendation from a celebrity or satisfied customer affirming the performance, quality, and/or value of a product or service.


A professional looking contact page that comes with 3 layout: Basic Contact form; Contact information with google map; Contact information with form.


The one area of your business website where you really have a chance to tell your story—who you are, what your business is all about, and what makes you unique from your competitors.

Social Media

Social media is becoming an integral part of life online as social websites and applications proliferate. Social networking to help a business increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

Google Map

Help customers find their way to your business. Add a large map of your location to your website.

Mobile Ready

Mobile friendly Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). The number of mobile users is quickly rising. A site should look good, and be easy to use, regardless of the device!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are eligible to avail the service?

Valid for New Accounts/Customers only

What is the minimum subscription period?

Minimum of 2 years lock in period

Can the subscriber cancel or terminate the subscription?

Yes, but the subscriber shall pay the remainder of the subscription.

Sign Up & Pay

Simply Sign Up and Pay the subscription fee

Fill Up & Submit

Submit your website data like articles, images etc.

Develop & Publish

We develop your site and Published!